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The Why and How of Staying Hydrated While Exercising



Keeping your body hydrated during exercise helps your heart pump blood through your blood vessels to your muscles. It also helps your muscles work more efficiently. Needless to say, it's important to make sure you enough water before, during, and after your workout. Follow these tips on staying hydrated while exercising. Keep count. It's important […]

Thinking Cup: So Much More Than a Pastry Shop



If you’re searching for a premier coffee experience, look no farther than Thinking Cup in Boston. The restaurant has won a Certificate of Excellence three years in a row, and it was listed on Boston Magazine's “Best of Boston,” in 2011. The menu at Thinking Cup features beverages — including classic mochas, cappuccinos, macchiatos, hot […]

How to Shake (or Stir!) the Perfect Cocktail



If you think you need to venture to the bar to find a unique, tasty cocktail, think again. You can easily mix up your own creative cocktails and mocktails in the comfort of your own home. The most important part of a great drink is how long the flavor lingers in your mouth. You want […]

Dirty Water Dough Company: Dough Made From In-House Brewed IPA



Dirty Water isn’t just a beloved song for many Bostonians; it’s also a beloved pizza company for many residents of the city. That’s because the chefs at Dirty Water actually brew up their own dough concoction. Their hand stretched, thin crust dough is made with the restaurant’s own IPA. Plus, this unique pizza dough comes […]

How to Disguise Unsightly Cables, Cords and Wires



Nobody likes the sight of tangled, messy cords and wires, but these long cords are essential for operating electronics. If you want to tuck away unsightly cords to preserve your decor at Vox on Two Apartments, these smart steps will show you how. Mark each cord. First, begin by wrapping a piece of matte tape […]

Bukowski Tavern: More than 130 Bottles of Beer on the Wall



The Cheers bar may be a famous Boston landmark where they know your name, but at Boston’s Bukowski Tavern, they know their beer. With more than 130 bottles from around the world and more than 20 on tap, Bukowski Tavern has something to satiate all kinds of sudsy cravings. The tavern, which also has a […]

Catch a Flick at the Brattle Theater



If you’re looking for a classy old-school night out, check out the retro Brattle Theater in Harvard Square. Open since 1953, the Brattle shows classic, cutting-edge, foreign, and art-house films. Described by patrons as edgy, cool, and charming, the Brattle Theater shows a wide variety of movies that aren’t typically shown at your normal movie […]

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